Pretty Little Liars

Shepard, S. (2006). Pretty little liars. New York, NY: HarperTempest.

Ages: 12-18

Summary: Pretty Little Liars follows the lives of four teenage girls, once best friends, but now almost strangers. During a sleepover before 8th grade, their best friend Alison DeLaurentis went missing. The first book in this series takes place three years after Alison’s disappearance. The four main girls – Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily – start to receive threatening messages about secrets from their past. The girls are brought back together when they realize they are all targets from this anonymous enemy.

Relation: A television series was created that is based on the book series. The main characters are the same, but there are severe changes from the books later in the series, resulting in the television series following a very different plot. The first episode of the show loosely follows the plot of the first book in the series.

Appeal: This is an appealing book for teenage girls who want to read a mystery that focuses on other teenage girls. It seemed a little silly at parts, but reading it from a 25-year old perspective is different than reading it as a 15-year old. It’s enjoyable to read the book and watch the show to see all of the differences between the two stories.

Rating: ****


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