Shepard, S. (2007). Flawless. New York, NY: HarperTempest.

Ages: 12-18

Summary: Flawless picks up at the end of the first Pretty Little Liars novel. The girls are still receiving threatening messages from an unknown person, known to them as “A.” They start to consider who it might be – could it be Alison, back from the dead? Or is it Toby Cavanaugh, the loner who might know too much? Meanwhile, A is working to derail the girls lives by threatening to expose their secrets if they do not do what A wants.

Relation: About half of what happens in this book is the same as the TV series Pretty Little Liars.

Appeal: This is an appealing book for teenage girls who want to read a teenage mystery that focuses on other teenage girls. There are certain moments, particularly relating relationships, that may interest teens who are going through similar experiences in their own lives. It’s also interesting to read about how the television series took a turn from the original story plot.

Rating: ***


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