Across the Floor

Deen, N. (2016). Across the floor. British Columbia: Orca Book Publishers.

Ages: 13+

Summary: Luc Waldon injured his knee during the final football game of the year. The couch will allow him to play the following year, but only on one condition: Luc has to take dance classes. At first, Luc is appalled. How could dance classes help him? But once he starts classes, he realizes that maybe dancing isn’t so bad. In fact, it just might be his new calling.

Appeal: This book is appealing to a wide audience – teens who like sports, particularly football, and teens who like dancing. Reading about Luc’s struggles through learning how to dance is hilarious, and the comedy woven throughout the story may be appreciated by readers.

Limitation: There were a few parts where I didn’t understand the dance terminology, but I know very little about contemporary dance and the terms used to describe the different poses and exercises.

Rating: ***



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