Black Iris

Raeder, L. (2015). Black iris. New York, NY: Atria.

Ages: 16+

Summary: Laney makes it very clear that she is “not the heroine of this story.” After her mother’s suicide during her senior year of high school, Laney gets into drugs, alcohol, and sex with random guys she meets at parties. Laney goes to college and keeps up her toxic lifestyle. It may seem like her life is out of control, but Laney has one single mission: find the guy that ruined her life, and destroy him.

Appeal: This book is appealing to teens who want to know what it’s like to indulge in toxic behaviours. Leah has an excellent command of the story, and there is so much description that the reader can easily imagine the story coming to life in their mind.

Limitation: Despite being a book for young adults, there are some very mature themes that would not be suitable for a younger teen audience.

Rating: *****


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