Meyer, M. (2012). Cinder. New York, NY: Feiwel and Friends.

Ages: 14+

Summary: Imagine a future where Cinderella is known as Cinder, the talented mechanic and cyborg. Society is not ready to accept cyborgs as real people, so Cinder keeps her robot parts hidden to blend in. A deadly plague is spreading across the world and no one can find the cure. Meanwhile, Cinder has the chance to help cure the disease, but it comes with a high cost. She discovers along the way that she has secrets she was not even ware existed.

Relation: This is the first in The Lunar Chronicles series.

Appeal: This story appeals to people who like science fiction, re-imagined fairy tales, and robots. It is very well-written and keeps a fair amount of original fairy tale source material (evil step-mother, a charming prince, and a ball), while also creating a whole new world for this story to take place. It has a very interesting setting, and is written in such a manner that it is easy to read in one or two sittings.

Rating: *****


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