Aguirre-Sacasa, R. (Writer), & Toland Krieger, L. (Director). (2017). Riverdale [Television Series]. In J. B. Moranville (Producer). United States: Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Ages: 14+

Summary: Based off the classic Archie comics, Riverdale follows the life of Archie Andrews, football player and wannabe musician. His neighbour Betty Coopy is the good-girl next door, Jughead Jones is his sarcastic best friend, and Veronica Lodge is the new “it” girl in town. However, the show takes on a darker tone than the comics, as there is a mystery to be solved: Jason Blossom, high-school football captain, has been murdered.

Relation: This show directly relates to the Archie comics. It is also similar in tone to the Pretty Little Liars television show, as both shows revolve around the mystery of finding a killer.

Appeal: This show should appeal to anyone between the age bracket of 14-34, which seems to be the main age bracket for shows on the CW channel. It may appeal to adults who enjoyed the Archie comics as kids, and it may appeal to current teenagers who want to watch a show about dramatized high school life.

Rating: ****


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