A Court of Thorns and Roses

Maas, S. J. (2015). A court of thorns and roses. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

Ages: 15+

Summary: Nineteen-year old Feyre kills a wolf in the forest during one of her hunts. After bringing the wolf home to her poor family, Feyre is confronted by a huge beast that demands vengeance for her act. She is taken to a magical land known as Prythian and learns that her captor is Tamlin, an immortal faerie. Meanwhile, a shadow is spreading over Prythian, damaging everything in its path. Will Feyre’s hostile feelings towards Tamlin change in time to save their world?

Relation: This story uses Beauty and the Beast as it’s inspiration, but it is easy for the reader to forget that while reading through this large story, as there are so many more plots than a woman falling in love with a beast.

Appeal: This is a fantastic novel for older young adults and teens that love fantasy, especially anyone who enjoys the story of Beauty and the Beast. Maas has created a world that seems so real, and she has fleshed out the characters to the point where you feel empathy towards the characters on their journeys.

Weakness: This is not necessarily a weakness, but the length of this novel may turn off some young adults from reading it – depending on the edition, it can be anywhere from 420 to 450 pages.

Rating: *****


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