Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue. New York, NY: Condé Nast

Ages: 12+

Summary: Teen Vogue has changed a lot over the past five years. What was once a teen magazine focused on beauty and fashion has changed its gears, and the magazine now includes more articles focused on political and social issues. The beauty and fashion content is still there, but it now goes hand-in-hand with articles about the political climate in the US and feminism in today’s society.

Relation: Teen Vogue was created as the little sister to Vogue magazine.

Appeal: Due to the changing content within this magazine, I would say that it should appeal largely to females aged 12 and up, and maybe even new adults. People who want fashion advice and beauty tips can find inspiration within the magazine, and teens who want to hear about political issues aimed at their age bracket can find such a thing within these pages (physical or digital, as Teen Vogue is cutting back its print magazines to quarterly, rather than monthly, and is pushing more digital content out to replace the lack of print).

Limitations: Due to the lack of print issues, it may be difficult for some teens to access the content if they do not have internet access readily available to them.

Rating: ****


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