Colors by Hasley

Frangipane, A., & Bauld, D. (Writers). (2015). Colors [Recorded by Halsey]. Badlands [CD]. United States: Astralwerks & Capitol.

Ages: 14+

Summary: The lyrics of this song touch on drugs, relationships, and the bleakness of life. Halsey talks about colors, and how everything starts out in vibrant shades, but as negative behaviors start to blossom in the relationship, the color starts to fade until everything is grey.

Appeal: Halsey has made a name for herself within the past two years, and with her collaborations with Chainsmokers and Justin Beiber, she is appealing to mass audiences. The lyrics are well-written and the song is definitely catchy.

Limitations: Some parents may oppose to their children listening to this song, due to the few lyrics involving drugs and smoking.

Rating: ***


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