Marin County Free Library Teen Page

Marin County Free Library. (n. d.). For teens. Retrieved from

Ages: 12+

Summary: The Marin County Free Library teen page has featured book lists, a list of the best online resources for teens (including homework help and Mango Languages), and blog posts relating to teens.

Appeal:  I really like the bright colours of the website. The blog posts relating to teens is a nice touch, as well as the top resources for teens.

Weakness: There are quite a few weaknesses to this site. All of the information for teens is found on this one page. There is on information regarding volunteering, no mention of teen councils or advisory boards, and there does not seem to be a full list of online resources for teens. The information for the 3D printer and makerspace aren’t linked from the teen page; instead, they are accessed under the main menu hierarchy under “Learn.” I think linking to these pages within the teen page itself would be a nice touch.

Rating: **


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