Through the Woods

Carroll, E. (2014). Through the woods. New York, NY: Margaret K. McElderry Books.

Ages: 12+

Summary: This graphic novel contains five horror short stories. “Our Neighbour’s House” tells the tale of three little girls left home when their father goes out hunting. He tells the girls that if he doesn’t return in three days, they should go to their neighbour’s house. There’s only one problem – the girls don’t go to their neighbour’s house.

“A Lady’s Cold Hands” is about a girl being married off to a man. She moves into his house, but the eerie singing every night keeps her awake.

“His Face All Red” is about two brother’s going into the woods to kill a monster – only who is really the monster?

“My Friend Janna” is about a girl named Janna who scams people by pretending to see ghosts. However, her friend Yvonne actually does see ghosts, and there seems to be a ghost following Janna…

“The Nesting Place” is about a girl named Bell. Her mother always told her scary stories, and when her mother passes, she moves in with her brother and her fiancee. When things seem a little strange, Bell starts to think that maybe the stories were more than fictional.

Relation: This book reads like a book of fairy tales, particularly Grimm’s fairy tales, as they are dark and scary

Appeal: The art style for this book is gorgeous. The stories are great, and due to their short length, the book is a quick read.

Limitation: Some people may be turned off from this book due to the graphic images – while there is nothing too gory, there are a few images that are a little freaky.

Rating: *****


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